The Building Materials Distributors Association of Malaysia (BMDAM) was established in 1976 and has been recognized as the national association for companies engaging in the business of supply and distribution of locally manufactured and imported building materials. Currently, the Association has a membership of more than 130, located in West and East Malaysia. Our customers include housing, building and infrastructural contractors, plumbers, roofers, fabricators, manufacturers, real estate and housing developers, hardware dealers and house owners. The members annual turnover is in excess of RM5 billion.

The National Association for Companies Engaging

The National Association for Companies Engaging

Identify new opportunities in terms of new products and new market; both import & export.

The Association’s primary objective is to unite and promote the common interests and rights of its members by way of :
  • Presenting members’ views, as a group to manufacturers of building materials and to related agencies and industry counterparts and organisations, and thereby create and foster better relationship with all parties within the industry. In this respect, dialogues are held regularly with various organisations such as Cement & Concrete Association (C&CA), the Malaysia Iron & Steel Industry Federation (MISIF), the Master Builders Association of Malaysia (MBAM) and the Real Estate & Housing Developers’ Association Malaysia (REHDA).


  • Maintaining regular contact with the relevant Government agencies. The Association is an annual dialogue partner with the Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Housing & Local Government and Ministry of International Trade & Industry during which problems encountered by the members are presented and resolved. The Association also meets regularly with Construction & Industrial Development Board (CIDB) and is a partner in CIDB’s building materials statistics compilation.


  • To help unite the members through joint activities, by providing facilities and events for social interaction between the members of the Association and their business associates.


  • Identify new opportunities in terms of new products and new market; both import and export.


  • Forming alliances with domestic and international trade organizations.